To design your own destiny, at “The Educational Adviser”, we offer complete support, guidance, and information. Identifying the fast-growing demand for quality education in rural part of India and contribute to the country’s necessity for a skilled workforce, “The Educational Adviser” launched its own institute of teaching and learning excellence, as we have the potential to make this journey of overseas education easy and simple for you.

Many countries like America, Germany, Australia and Canada offer the best education systems in the world today. Thousands of students from various countries pursue an education in hundreds of international colleges and universities, gaining doctoral, masters and undergraduate degrees in a variety of fields including engineering, computer science, medicine, business management, biological sciences, physics, mathematics, economics, psychology, and humanities.

There are many hurdles between the students and their dream of higher education. Some of them are: standardized tests such as the GRE®, IELTS and TOEFL®, lack of guidance and information regarding the education systems abroad, lack of funds, complex year-long admission process, visa application, etc. “The Educational Adviser” aims to help students transform these hurdles to milestones and fulfill this dream even for middle-class and lower-middle-class students. Language can be a great barrier in this process and to overcome this, we have highly qualified professionals having expertise in international languages like English, German, Japanese, etc.

This initiative found its roots in the rural part of India where the students are deprived of guidance and opportunities prevalent in foreign countries. Hence, their talent, novel ideas, knowledge, skills remain hidden and suppressed just due to lack of information and support. “The Educational Adviser” stands firm in the commitment to offer top supervision and support to the students aspiring to study overseas. Our goals are: to provide top class education, a complete range of high-quality preparation programs and excellent guidance to achieve your ambitions.


An Initiative from:

Prasad Sureshrao Nandurkar

Qualification: Master of Science (M.S.) In Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Darmstadt University, Germany

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (Electronics and Power), Amravati University India.

Specialization: Power Engineering, Darmstadt Germany
Company: Bombardier Primove GmbH, Mannheim Germany
Position: System Engineer
Previous position: Pre-development engineer, Electronic developer
Current City: Mannheim Germany