With you every step of the way

“The educational adviser” provides expert guidance through personal counseling and guidance on:

  • Counseling on selecting the best suitable course of study
  • Selecting universities in which you have the best chances of admission for your course
  • Personal sessions for writing SOP and how to draft the crucial statement of purpose
  • How to select the right recommenders and how to write LOR
  • How to highlight your academic and professional achievements to help your recommenders
  • How to write influential applications for research and teaching assistantships
  • For online application provides assistance
  • Most crucial, visa interview, preparing required sets of documents and correctly preparing financial documents to prevent rejection of your visa application
  • Helps in preparing correct financial, academic and other documents e.g. bank solvency certificate, transcripts and helping with admission timeline
  • Pre-departure assistance and information
  • Contacts of previous students studying in different universities, helping for getting settled in the new country. This contacts may also be helpful for getting internships and job opportunities afterward.


Admission to Foreign Universities

Taking the tests like GRE, IELTS or TOEFL and applying to a foreign university can be a demanding and a time-consuming process. For the complicated and time-consuming admission procedure you need to know a number of things:

  • The criteria to select the best universities
  • Your chances of getting admission to these universities
  • The availability of financial aid in your desired universities
  • What are the requirements and required documents
  • How to prepare a convincing statement of purpose, application letter and effectively summarize your achievements for your recommenders’ reference (Letter of recommendations)
  • What to include in the application packet and where to send it
  • How to prepare the required financial documents for the student visa and prepare for the visa interview
  • Pre-departure information