Rucha Sherekar

Frankfurt University Of Applied Science

My name is Rucha Sherekar. I started my master studies in Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany in winter semester 2015/16. To secure my seat in more than one universities Mr. Nandurkar helped me in all possible ways. From short listing universities (relevant to my profile) to preparing SOPs, LORs, Mr. Nandurkar provided me his valuable guidance. With his guidance through all steps up to visa counseling, I made my way to Germany very easily.

My master studies has been very successful. Currently I am doing my master thesis in one of the topmost company ‘Daimler AG’ and soon I would be able to find full time job. I would like to thank to Mr. Nandurkar and his team for helping me to achieve my dream.


Namita Prakash Vyas

Company: Helbling Technik GmbH
Position: Hardware Developer and Design Engineer
Studies: M. S. in Electrical Engineering and Information Technnolgy
University: University of Magdeburg, Germany

‘My experience here was really great, Mr. Nandurkar and his team helped me in all means. From the start, selecting university, how to prepare for exams, when to give exams, visa process, till pre-departure, everything went perfect.’

I did my Masters at University of Magdeburg, Germany and working as a ‘Hardware Developer and Design Engineer’ in Helbling Technik GmbH (Germany).


Arun Gupta

VOMATEC Innovations GmbH: a leading software developer company in the field of civil security and for the protection of critical infrastructures

‘I had an Excellent experience! Got my visa without much efforts from my side. The Educational Adviser took care of it all. Very friendly staff who are very much accessible and who were spontaneous in responding to my queries.’