Why Choose Us?

“The Educational Adviser” aims to fulfill the dreams of the students of our country to pursue higher education abroad.

Guidance from experienced professionals: We have experienced professionals to guide you throughout the process. Our staff is co-operative and will help you with every step and every way to make your admission process quick and efficient.

Advice on course selection: As most of the students are sometimes puzzled about which course to take up for designing a good career and also fulfill their passion in that particular subject, they are in need of guidance for appropriate course selection. We will properly analyze your grades in your last academics and your interest in the subject and then suggest you the courses foreign countries offer.

Selection of country and university: We have a database of various recognized universities over the globe and using this we can help you choose just the right country and also the right university for the course you wish to pursue.

Test enrolment and preparation strategies: We have accurate strategies to help you to crack tests like GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. Our study material, test series, and experts help you right from preparation for the exam to register for the tests.

Guidance for application: We make the application process simpler for you; we take the responsibility to give you all the information about the process and help you meet all the timelines. We help you in preparing your application, writing LORs, SOPs, resume, etc.

Interview preparation: Many of the universities conduct online interviews, so we give advice regarding the probable questions asked in such universities.

Documentation: It is the most tiresome part and we guide our students in every possible way in this aspect. We provide prior information and checklists of the documents you need to collect from time to time.

Support for visa process: Visa application is the most critical of all as this is the final step after you have your admission letter in your hand. We guide our students

throughout this process depending upon the country you choose and what all documents you need. We also give you an overall idea of the interviews for visa approval and procedure.

Help in financial planning: We will enlighten you with scholarships which you can apply for and the overall process to get this financial benefit. Also, we will give you details about the educational loans.

Pre-departure advice: We will help you as much as possible to settle you in the foreign country of your choice by using our social networks.

Cost effective: We provide the best services by balancing the cost as well. We understand the dreams and aspirations of students and their parents. We aim to provide as many value-added services as possible for your complete satisfaction.

Contact us and enroll with us for your bright future overseas.