General Queries

My parents are retired, so is it difficult to get an education loan if both the parents are retired?

Yes, retired parents can get loan if they have property to mortgage to the bank.

If I wish to apply in research oriented field, should I apply MS or PhD?

Except your academics and GRE score is excellent you cannot apply for PhD.

I am from Arts field, are there any opportunities for the students interested in seeking degree other than a science and technology stream?

You can apply for MS in all fields (technical, humanities, arts, management, etc.)

I am a B. Pharm degree holder, what are the available options after completing B. Pharm degree?

If you are a B. Pharm you can apply for MS in pharmacology, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, pharma administration and biotechnology. And we can look for you other courses also.

Which country has better employment chances after MS? USA or Germany?

Both are leaders in job market, so employment opportunities in the US and Germany are the same.

Are there campus recruitments in the US and Germany while a student is completing MS at US University?

Yes, most of the US universities have job fairs generally twice in a year where many companies recruit students. And also city job fairs, where you can try your opportunities.

Do you counsel for core biology subjects? Such as MS or PhD in cell and molecular biology, genetic engineering or biochemistry.


When should I enroll for admission counseling if I want to apply for fall (August) 2019 semester?

You should join our admission counseling any time before December 2018 if you want to apply for August 2019 semester.

What is the scope for mechanical engineering after MS as compared to information technology?

Students from all engineering fields can get decent jobs. Of course it is relatively easier to get a job in the I.T. field. For Mechanical engineer Germany would be a better choice.

Is work experience an advantage for admission and job? Also, is there an age limit to apply for MS in the US or Germany?

Yes, it’s definitely an advantage. There is no age limit to take the GRE or to apply for a master’s course in USA or Germany.

Can a student with a bachelor’s degree in other engineering field apply for MS in computer science?

Students from any engineering field can apply for computer science. But they will have to take pre-requisite courses which will extend their course by one or two semester. Higher ranked universities desire students with bachelor’s degree in computers.