The TOEFL Test

Do TOEFL and GRE® tests have cumulative scoring?

TOEFL score reports include scores for only the last test taken. However, GRE lets test takers decide which GRE scores from their five-year reportable history to send to institutions. Scores for a test administration must be reported in their entirety.

Will score recipients accept TOEFL scores from previous tests?

The policy of recipients for such matters may vary hence, it is better to check with the recipients directly. However, counsellors may also the able to advise students on such matters.

Where can I get more information about the TOEFL?

You can visit the official TOEFL website or you can get complete information in the examination section of “The Educational Adviser” website as well. Contact us and our counsellors or faculty will be happy to assist you with any TOEFL queries.

Can I ask for additional TOEFL official score reports?

Yes, you can order additional score reports after your scores are available online, approximately 10 days after your test date.

What is the validity of TOEFL scores?

TOEFL scores are valid for 2 years from your test date.

What does the TOEFL test consist of? Is the test timed?

The TOEFL test constitutes 4 sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Yes, the test is of about 4 hours (reading: 60-80 mins, listening: 60-90 mins, speaking: 20 mins and writing: 50 mins)

When should I start TOEFL preparation?

Ideally, you should start TOEFL preparation at least 2-4 months prior to taking the test.

Why is the TOEFL test important?

This test demonstrates your command over English language and is an important step to get you an entry into recognized universities offering courses in English.