USA-H1B visa

Is it difficult to get job after masters in USA?

Once you done with the master’s degree, you are permitted to work in America for one year and that can be expandable to three years for a students from ‘STEM’ Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics background.

What are the visa problem after Donald Trump got elected? Is it more difficult to get H1B visa?

  • Students who has an American degree can benefit of a special quota of 20,000 H1B visas. And addition to this quota students can also apply for the general quota containing 65,000 H1B visas.
  • With the new immigration policy possibly before 31st March 2018, in which students with American degrees will be given priority for H1B visas.

Is there any Visa restriction for Indian students?

  • There is no restrictions detailed to Indian students.
  • Students with higher skilled and paid workers will have benefits of the new orders from President Trump.
  • Students will not be impacted because they are offered high salaries job from US companies itself.
  • The restrictions will may affect visas to Indian outsourcing companies.

What about current job market in USA?

Students graduated from good universities are still achieving jobs within few months after graduating. At present America and Germany has the lowest unemployment rate.

Can anyone earn extra money apart from job with H1B visa?

No it’s not allowed because H1B visa is company specific.

How many chances I’ll have for the H1B visa?

For the “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) background one can apply thrice. Non-‘STEM’ students can apply only once and if application is not accepted in the lottery they have to come back to their home country.

Is there any rule regarding minimum salary requirement of Are $1,30,000/- for H1B visa?

Till now not and there is no such rule. It is very doubtful to be announced in the near future till the US Government finalize new immigration policies.