Our pre-departure service is a value added service from our side to give you an overall idea about the country where you will be going and a small insight about the culture and lifestyle there.

We understand how difficult it is to settle down into a totally new country and environment. Every country has its own culture and getting habituated to it becomes very strenuous for an individual who has just stepped there. There are a lot of problems regarding accommodation, means of transport, communication, food, university norms and regulation, and the list is never ending. There are many legal formalities and paperwork when you are about to migrate to a new country. We at least give you some idea about all these aspects so that you are pretty well prepared to face all of them.


Also we will help you in giving information regarding flight bookings, accommodation suggestions, university requirements, paperwork idea, a small conversation with the alumni of “The Educational Adviser”, if settled, in that respective country.

We will arrange seminars and meets with our alumni students, to give every detail that you need before and after going to your destination. “The Educational Adviser” strives to comfort you in every way in all the aspects to achieve your dream and fly high in your career. Connect with us now!