This is where your dream begins, with the university admission process and it is the most time consuming task with its own criticalities. The choice you make in every step of this process will design your future and your dreams. “The Educational Adviser” can play a vital role in this process for you. The confusion starts with so many institutions, so many countries and so many different courses worldwide; making the right choice can thus be difficult. With us by your side, you will be assured of making right decisions throughout this process.

We “The Educational Adviser” team of professionals help ambitious students like you choose their career and education path by placing them in reputable universities and colleges across the world. We will provide you world class assistance, guidance and information throughout the complete abroad application process according to your needs and requirements.


At “The Educational Adviser” you will be carefully guided through each and every small and big steps of your university application process. This process allows you to fulfill all the requirements and achieve your dream university.

Cool Timeline

April 10


Most of the students are willing to do their studies abroad but are not sure regarding course, university, country and more. To ensure that we accurately advise on the best country, university and course; we will first conduct an inclusive session with the applicant.   In this session, we will analyze students’ academic qualifications, career goals, financial status and work experience. With this session, we will give you complete guidance regarding course, university and country best suitable for you.
April 9

Enroll for TESTS

Once we are done with outlining of the student, we will be able to tell you which standardized tests need to be given. “The Educational Adviser” will help you to in the enrolment and thorough preparation for these examinations with the help of our qualified staff. If you have already done with the standard test, “The Educational Adviser” will review any standardized test scores (e.g. GRE, IELTS, TOEFL), which might help you with your admission. We will give you all the information regarding which universities are more acceptable to your existing score and further application process will also be guided through us. If you are new to these tests, we are there to help you as mentioned above.
April 7


We have seen the admission process very closely and understand it properly, so deciding which course, university and country which is best suitable for you is not a difficult task for us. If you aim to study overseas, it is very important to pick the right course and recognized university, because overseas education involves a lot of cost. Thus, you would need proper counselling and guidance to work on your career interests, future goals, skills and economic status. “The Educational Adviser” commits to provide you with this guidance. We will scan your profile depending on all these factors and shortlist suitable universities in suitable countries and then you have to just choose the right university of your interest.
April 7


Documentation is the most integral part of the whole process and needs to be completed in a very less time frame. Documents such as statement of purpose (SOP), letter of recommendation, resume, transcripts and other certificates are essential to conquer the admission in any university. At “The Educational Adviser” we will provide you a helping hand in guiding you to draft your SOPs, LOR, resume, etc. Through SOP, LOR we will showcase your strengths in proper manner so that it would prove to be a strong point to get selected in the admission process. Writing a cover letter for scholarship application is the most crucial thing. “The Educational Adviser” will inform and guide you, how to portrait all these documents and how to present them well.
April 6


Once you done with university selection and documentation, it is important to review your application thoroughly and this can be the most critical step. Our highly qualified staff will meticulously discuss with you before finalizing the application and seek your confirmation regarding the same. Then, “The Educational Adviser” will begin the submission process to the selected universities.
April 4


After the application process, there will be a time where universities may conduct an interview. At “The Educational Adviser” we are aware of the type of questions different universities may ask in your interview. We will provide you with in-house interview sessions in order to prepare you for your mains, ensuring your good performance. Majority of the students have a phobia of communicating in English, our professionals will brief you about how you can get rid of this fear. Universities may also ask for extra required documents, “The Educational Adviser” will timely inform you regarding this and will help you to fulfil these requirements as well.
April 3


To study in any overseas university it is necessary to have student visa for that particular country. “The Educational Adviser” understands the importance and seriousness of visa procedure and documentation required. It is very much important to follow some instructions while preparing visa documents along with visa application form. We will guide you through how to prepare visa documentation according to visa doc requirements as different countries have different requirements. Please go through our Visa Process section for more details. Our Visa Counselling Services work towards helping you to submit the right documents ensuring that there is no unintentional delay or visa rejection. “The Educational Adviser” Visa Consultant will also guide you through your interview appointments that you may have with the Embassy. Thus, we are one stop place helping you in so many aspects to achieve your aspiration of higher education.
March 4


This is the final stage of your process, it’s a value added service for our students complimentary to University Admission Service. In pre-departure, we will arrange seminars and meets with other “The Educational Adviser” students, to give every detail that you need before and after going to your destinations. Here, you can gather info about university, country, city and its culture, regarding your accommodation, and other formalities that you need to take care before stepping into your new country. “The Educational Adviser” is the place with all under one roof and the desire to shape your future with our expertise. You are just a ring away from us! Contact us and we will be more than happy to transform your aspirations to reality and become a part of your beautiful future ahead. Welcome to your journey towards destiny with “The Educational Adviser”.