Pursuing education abroad, gaining knowledge and building a prospering career are dreams of many Indian students. It earns them respect, power, status, and esteem. Many of the students make efforts to broaden their minds and novel ideas across the world, which evokes the need for higher education. Most of them wish to grow professionally and financially which can drastically transform their lives.  Almost each one of us has a concept of “dream job” where you can showcase your talent and face challenges proving your worth to the organizations.This requires a strong foundation of quality education and global opportunities.

Who wouldn’t love to be looked upon as a successful person with excellent knowledge and financially rising career? Who wouldn’t want to travel different countries experiencing and exploring their culture while gaining an education? Who wouldn’t like to be updated with global technologies and new inventions? Who wouldn’t like to boost their career status and experience monetary growth in life? Most of us, Right? TEA can help you transform these questions into reality.

Many countries like the US, Germany, UK, Canada serve as technological innovators and supreme quality education providers for international students. The Times Higher Education World University rankings 2018 states that European Institutions occupy half of the top 200 places, among which Germany and The Netherlands are most represented countries along with the UK. The institutions in these countries are thirsty for talent, novel ideas, inventions, knowledge and Indian students have the most of these within them. The students just need a helping hand to explore these outstanding opportunities all over the globe. TEA is just that helping hand to guide you to fulfill your aspiration of pursuing higher education abroad.

We all are aware of the growing economy, research and innovative technologies of many developed countries worldwide. For an instance, Germany is a home to a large number of world-renowned companies especially from the automobile sector (Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Bosch, etc). Thus, students can grab opportunities to pursue an internship with many such companies during their degree and thus opening the gates for a prospering career ahead. TEA would just be proud to hear such success stories and would love to be a part of the initial struggle for your success.